1. hattedmistress:


    mother i must feed

    Mother, why do you cry?

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  2. mild-bloom:

    i dont need a valentine i need 8 million dollars and a fast metabolism

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  3. perseues:

    when will my reflection show who i am inside

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  4. lintott:

    no one ever likes me as much as i like them 

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  5. vogue-hearts:

    if puppies could talk I would never even try to make human friends ever again.

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    • Weird Japanese music plays:  
    • Me:   oh it's my phone one sec
  6. gifak-net:

    Paper Airplane Machine [video]

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  7. the-anal-rapist:

    My mom: “Hurry up, we have to go now!”

    Me: “I’m coming…”


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  9. neoliberalismkills:

    the real struggle in 2004

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